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Day 18

18th January
Today’s photograph is of a recent painting I bought. I know, sorry, the last few pics haven’t been the best. But I’ve managed to continue taking a photo a day. I’m pretty proud of myself for that! This photo was taken with my Canon IXUS 85IS.


Posted by: 365daysofgolly | January 18, 2010

Day 17

17th January
Went for another long drive, to another lookout. This one’s looking out over Townsville towards Magnetic Island. Unfortunately it was a fairly hazy day. I took the photo with my iPhone.

Looking out over Townsville

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Day 16

16th January
Went for a drive up the range today. Spent lunch at the tea house, very nice setting in the bush. This was at a lookout on the way down. Took the photo with my iPhone.

Townsville lookout

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Day 15

15th January
A friend of mine kindly offered herself as a subject for my photograph for today. Seems she was a bit shy though…

This is what I think of you...

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Day 14

14th January
I haven’t been able to update this blog daily for the last few days. I’ve been pretty busy, moving house, etc. So it’s been kinda hard to take good, interesting photos as well! The next few days’ photos aren’t going to be the best. But at least I’ve put them up!

This picture is my new bedroom (yes, I know very boring!). I took it with my Canon IXUS 85IS.

My bed

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Day 13

13th January
I’m still playing around with some macro photos and also today I had a fiddle with some of the editing options in iPhoto. I think I “vintaged” this photo 2x. I took the photo with my Canon IXUS 85IS.
What time is it?

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Day 12

12th January
Today’s photo is a bit blurry because my dog hates his photo being taken so I’ve gotta do it quickly but this was too funny to miss. I was eating an ice cream and he wanted some. Hopefully you can see the drool coming out the sides of his mouth.
The drool

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Day 11

11th January
Today is about the happiest day in over a month for me. Back in December I had surgery on my knee and have been wearing a brace on my leg and getting around on crutches without putting weight on my right leg for 4.5 weeks. Today the brace was gone and I am allowed to walk freely again. My independence has returned. It is an amazing feeling. My mum took this photo with my camera – and it actually worked (last time she took a photo of me it was a video instead!).
Walking at last

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Day 10

10th January
Today was a gorgeous day outside – not a cloud in the sky. It was also the first day since I’d had my knee surgery that my scars were healed enough to go for a swim. It was lovely. I took this picture with my iPhone just after I got out of the pool.
Lazing by the pool

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Day 9

9th January
Had lunch today down at the surf club. For the first time in weeks, it wasn’t raining and the weather was actually really nice. This was the view we had… I took the photo on my iPhone (keep forgetting to take my camera with me everywhere!)
Lunch at Kurrawa Surf Club

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